Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sketch Thursdays: Party

Hi everyone,

Here is a new layout that I did on the weekend. It is based on the sketch for Sketchy Thursdays.


I made my sketch with photos from my grandparents book. This was one the last pages that I completed. Check it out below!
This was a great layout because it allowed me to amalgamate three pretty much unrelated photos. I was also able to journal about each photo. I used stickers and the background from a creative memories set that I received when going to the October crop. It worked out really well.

Here is a close up of the journalling

I hope you all enjoy!


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

HMITM & 2SF November Sketch: Thankful- Grandparents

Hi everyone,

Here it my interpretation of the latest How Much is Too Much Challenge.

The challenge is to do a layout about thankfulness. (any aspect)

3 foam embellishments
4 colors of cardstock
5 buttons
6 stickers (non-alphabet)

I love these challenges for some reason. They are very fun and challenging! This so far, was the easiest challenge for me. It came together really well and allowed me to use things that I previously had not been able to.

I decided to use the photos of my grandparents together. Although I have spent more time with my father's parents, I am very glad to have two awesome sets of grandparents. They are always there for everyone and are super cute!

Now, in terms of the criteria, here is what I used...

3 foam embellishments- I was going to give these flowers to Tory for Christmas but decided instead to give her some more orange flowers because anyone who has ever looked at her pages knows she is OCD about orange. So instead, I kept these awesome flowers for my layout.
4 colors of cardstock- The background is blue card stock, I matted two pictures with purple and green cardstock and I matted the smile sticker with brown cardstock.
5 buttons- I went with 6 stickers because it looked better with this layout than 5. I like keeping things balanced.
6 stickers (non-alphabet)- This was quite the challenge. I ended up using sticker borders that I received in an 8x8 family pack. Due to the fact that each sticker was only 8 inches long, I actually used two stickers for each border. Then, I used a smile sticker from the same set to highlight my grandparents hilarious non-smiling photo. My final sticker that qualifies was from a Creative Memories heritage set. It is a quote about how great grandparents are. I also used alphabet stickers from the same set but obviously those do not count for this challenge.

 This layout is also being used for the 2SF sketch for November.

Overall, I love it!


The Color Room- Palette #85: Joe

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted but I have a few new ones to post now after a great weekend of scrapping with Tory.

This page is one of the final pages for Gram and Gramps scrapbook. I have a few changes to make and then I am done! This page is highlighting Gramp. I chose to use the Color Room #85 colour palette for this page.

Your Challenge this week is THIS..........

I used my Tim Holtz mask to make the background on a piece of solid blue paper. I love this mask and have used it repeatedly.

I also used some bling on this page to highlight the gears. Finally, I used chalk to make the foam letters grey rather than their original white.

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Lewis Family: Deanne's Challenge

Hi everyone,

Here is a new layout that I made. I made this page for Dee's layout. Her colour challenge with 2SF was to include teal, golden yellow and creme and was based on a fabric (shown below).

I realized that right away, I had an awesome paper to go along with this challenge. It worked out really well and gave me the opportunity to show Grandma's family off right.

I used my silhouette to make the green basically border punch along the bottom. Then, I added the ribbon for a cute little touch! As well, I used my Silhouette to make the cheese like circle mat for the background. The first photo is of my grandmother and her mother and father. The second photo is of my grandmother (the baby) and her two order sisters, Ester and Olive. It is a totally awesome sepia photo. The one thing that I love about this layout was the rub on that I used along the side of the photos. So many times I have bought family quotes/sayings/etc that I have not used. This worked out really well because I was able to incorporate it into this layout.

Hope you all enjoy!


Shelby's Colour Challenge; PageMaps Sketch Challenge

Hi everyone,

This past week, there was a colour challenge at 2SF. This is the photo for Shelby's challenge: lime green and pink. I decided to scrap my grandmother for her 25th anniversary party book. I also decided to use the photo for the PageMaps sketch challenge. The sketch worked out well with the three photos of my grandmother that I had printed previously.

The page is fairly plain but used up a lot of pink paper that I bought in a all pink paper pack. It was pretty crazy. I also used my silhouette to cut out pink and green flowers. I added pink heart shaped brads as the center of each flower.

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

2SF Online Crop Challenge: Blue & Frosted Designs: Die Cast Challenge

Hi everyone,

This past week, 2SF posted 7 online crop challenges. One challenge was to "chase away the blues." Now, I tend to love the colour blue. The challenge required 2 patterned blue papers, two solid blue papers and two blue embellishments. However, when it came to this challenge, I actually had an issue figuring out what I wanted to do with it.

I ended up choosing to scrapbook the LeBlanc family. It ended up working really well. The page is mostly blue with a bit of white in the paper patterns. I used a pattern page as my background and used my Tim Holtz, Ranger, "Broken China" distress ink to ink the outer edge. I also used a pattern blue to frame the middle picture. The solid papers were used to frame the other two pictures. I realized that I didn't have many blue embellishments, so I decided to make my own flower and leaves. I used a flower that I had downloaded as a free shape of the week from the Silhouette Blog. I used two patterns and alternated them for the flower. I also used both for the leaves. I inked the edges of the flower petals with the Tim Holtz, Ranger "Weathered Wood" distress ink. Finally, I used a pewter heart brad for the flower center. I also used foam letters for the title. This worked well because the page beside this in my book is also using foam letters "The Lewis Family"

Overall, this was my favourite page that I completed for the challenge. My one pitfall was cutting a bit of Grandpa's head off with one of the flowers, oops!

I also decided to enter this page in the Frosted Designs Fabulous Friday Challenge, which was to have a die-cut.

Hope you enjoy!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Absolutely, Positively Most Favourite Cake Ever!

So as the title states, this is the post dedicated to my favourite cake ever! There are a few reasons for this...
1. It was made for my baby cousin Aidan's first birthday and he is the cutest little cousin ever (sorry Stephen, you're too old to be that cute now, lol).
2. It is of one of my favourite subjects: sea creatures.
3. It turned out completely awesome.

I started working on the cake a few weeks before Aidan's birthday. I made all of the sea creatures ahead of time and then put it all together with the cake, the night before the party.

Without further ado... here is the cake.

Aidan loves marine life. He has had an aquarium in his bedroom since he was born and also has Nemo and Dora on his walls. So, it only made sense to make him a cake that represented his likes as a 1 year old.

The bottom two layers are made of cake. The biggest layer was a vanilla cake and the top layer of cake was made of chocolate. The octopus head is made of Styrofoam. The birthday hat was made of a mini ice cream cone. All of the cake layers are covered in butter cream and then covered in fondant. I made quite a few sea creatures for this cake including Nemo, Dora, a crab, a sting ray, a few star fish, a few sea horses, a brittle star (back side of the cake), a pink puffer fish, a turtle, a dolphin (back side of the cake) and a killer whale (back side of the cake). One of the things that I learned doing this cake is that it is a great idea to get everything done that you can ahead of time. I work out of town so I only start work on cakes after 7 pm. Sometimes, I am still working at midnight to get all the nitty gritty details completed. This cake however, went surprising well because so much was done ahead of time.

Here are some close ups.

Everything turned out so well. I was very happy.

The other thing that I made was a smash cake since that is what every one year old should have. It was a replica of the main cake. One thing I learned from this though, is that smash cakes should not be made of fondant because kids don't always get that they can go through the fondant to get to the cake and icing :).

Overall, it all went well and the birthday boy enjoyed his cake and had a great birthday!


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My favourite cakes!

Hi everyone,

Hope your week is going well.

I was checking out some photos on my computer and wanted to reminisce about some of the cakes that I have completed to date. These are some of my early cakes.

1. This cake was the first fun cake that I ever decorated. I used plastic clown heads and butter cream icing to decorate this cake.

The clowns were so cute...

2. Another cake that I love is my first fondant cake ever! I made a present out of fondant. This was the first cake during the third Wilton Cake Class. It is a pretty typical cake but it is cute. My co-workers thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was decorating all of these cakes because it meant that they got a break once a week from working to go and eat them!

3. Before I started using fondant, I decided to make a cake for Easter. Although the cake in general was a little scary looking, there was one part of the cake which looked so awesome. It was the carrots coming out of the ground!

4. This is the cake that I made for Devin's Birthday. It is quite fun. Devin loves the Barrie Colts, the Barrie OHL team. For his birthday, a whole bunch of his friends were going to the game with him and they were meeting the Colts before the game.For once, I even got a positive comment from Devin; he liked the cake. For a pre-teen boy, that is a big thing.

Close ups of Devin riding the Zamboni...


5. This cake was made for a friend of a coworker. It was based on the logo for their company, Nani Creations. This cake was memorable because it was the first cake that someone paid me to make!

6. This was a cake that I made for my bowling league. I made a replica bowling alley to celebrate our season!

These are just some of my cakes for now... there are more to come.


Jenny's Wedding Cake

Hi everyone,

I decided that I should show some other scraps of my creativity, specifically my cakes. Recently, I went to Calgary for my friend Jenny's wedding. She asked me to decorate her wedding cake based on one of my early cakes that I made while taking the Wilton Cake decorating classes. I was very excited for the chance to make her cake. My early cake was the cake below

Here are some of the details...

Thus, Jenny loved the blue roses so I made a modification of this cake for her cake. She wanted the blue roses along with copper leaves to match the colours of her wedding. Her wedding was at Thanksgiving and was located in a restaurant on a beautiful lake in Calgary.

However, because I am in Ontario and it is rather time consuming to make fondant flowers, I made the roses in Ontario and had to transport them to Calgary. It was a bit scary as they were a lot of work and I didn't want to have to make them again; however, everything went well. I opened the roses at Jenny's house, with everyone standing around me. Luckily, there were perfect and they made Jenny's mom cry. It was very cute and such a nice start to the trip.

Without further ado, the cake!

And the details....

The cake went quite well. Everyone loved it.

Hope you enjoy it as well!


Monday, 14 November 2011

The Wedding

Hi everyone,

Recently, my father married an awesome lady. It was a beautiful day for one and all. Of course, I was involved in a large part of planning and creating decorations and paper work. I wanted to share some of the things that I created.

The first thing that I worked on was the invitations, etc. We purchased invites from Michaels by a brand named Brides (R).

 BRIDES® Black and White Premium Invitations, large

They were  very easy to use as there were downloadable templates but I made sure that everything looked awesome when printed and I created a map on the back of the driving instructions as getting to the reception was a bit more convoluted because the wedding was held at a college.

Second, my dad's wife asked me to make favour tags. This turned out to be quite fun and cute. The colour scheme for the wedding was black, white and pale teal. My stepmother also loves the damask theme. So, the tags had to fulfill all of that plus thanking the guests for their attendance. As well, the tags were to be tied to candy filled tulle. Here is a photo:

They looked really awesome all set up on the tables and went along with all the other crazy decorations that her sisters brought to fill the tables.

The third thing that I worked on was the menus. They had a buffet with chicken and steak; pasta salad, Cesar salad and potato salad; as well as seasonal vegetables. So, we wanted the guests to know all their options before they went up to the buffet. Truth be told, the steak was super tasty and the rest of the food was also very well done. I felt that it was the best food that I have had at a wedding.

The next thing that I worked on was the programs. Now, these were very last minute. In fact, I would like to thank friends of the bride;s family, Nadine and Johnny, for their help the Friday before the wedding. They were a great help when I was running out the door on my errands. Here is a photo of the fan spread.

Here is a photo of their layout on the chair. They were paired with the bubbles.

The final thing that I was involved with was the cake. The design was completely done by the bride. She loved the black and white theme and it came out well in the cake. Most of the layers were fake because there weren't enough guests at the wedding to eat all of the cake that would have been required to make a cake this large. I helped with some fondanting, with attaching ribbon to all of the layers and with making some of the black embellishments. Check it out below!

Hope you enjoyed seeing all my hard work. It was a lot of fun!


Sunday, 13 November 2011

HMITM #184- Happy Holiday's with the Storeys

Hi everyone,

So this week with the blog How Much is Too Much, the challenge was the following...

- Eight different patterns, none to match the holiday
- The word 'happy'
- Any holiday picture and embellishments. ( Embellishments can match the holiday)

I immediately wanted to scrapbook decorating the tree with my mother because she has what I consider a non-Christmas tree because it is white instead of green and her decorations are blue, pink and silver. Thus, with those colours, it would work out perfectly for this challenge. The challenge that I encountered though was that I did not actually have a photo of us decorating the tree. The only photo I had was of her adding an ornament on Christmas Day, which did not fit with my intended design.

So, instead, I decided to scrap a family get together with my dad's side of the family. I didn't make it out this past year but there was a great photo with everyone together. Check it out below...

I used one pattern paper as the background, one pattern to frame the photo above the fireplace, 5 papers on the fireplace, one for the holly and another on the tree. There were a few pattern papers that I used in a few places: the red I carried through with the tree, the fire and the title. I also used the same pattern for the wood in the tree and the fireplace. I love the holly. It is so cute. To make all of this, I used my Silhouette SD a ton. I love how the tree turned out. It is hot and allowed me to use the angle that I have had lying around since childhood. I also was able to use some awesome Martha Stewart Christmas stamps on the presents under the tree and on the stockings.

Overall, I quite enjoy this layout and hope that you do as well.


Monday, 7 November 2011

2SF: Strip Challenge: Sept 20, 2011

Hi everyone,

Here is a layout that I made for my grandparents scrapbook. I am doing a page for each person. This one is my mother's page. I completed this page while at a creative memories scrap in Cambridge with Tory. Of course, a page about my mother has to be pink. This was the best of all worlds because I was able to include a ton of pink patterns. I chose to go with a black, white and pink theme to tone down the pink.

In the photo, I used strips from Tory's random Walmart pack (I stand corrected, it was not a creative memory pack as I was led to believe :)). As well, I had some ribbon to add to the strips. Finally, I had these cute butterfly stickers that were added as embellisments!



Sunday, 6 November 2011

2SF: August Sketch



2SF has a sketch for each month challenge currently ongoing. This post has my version of the sketch...
 I was recently at my uncle's house. My cousin Aidan is two years old and thus, this year was his first pumpkin carving. It was too cute. He was actually very into it. He also would not, for any reason, touch the pumpkin guts. Thus, being the smart person that I am, I knew to grab him a spoon right away and he was content to pull all the guts out that way. It was very cute. Then, my uncle carved the pumpkins.



How much is too much? #183: Gifts

How much is too much: Challenge #183

Scrapbook a gift or a blessing. The following criteria should also be met:
  • Frame your page with an edge of background paper, a doodled/stitched border or a frame!
  • Use at least one stamp/digital brush/rub-on
  • 3 ribbons/strings
  • 6 circles
  • 8 brads or buttons
  • 10 flowers
  • 2 elements that bleed off the page
  • 4 crocheted or felt accents

I ran into some trouble deciding the subject of this challenge. At first, I was going to scrap my brother's favourite gift: a Go-Kart. However, I did not have any photos of that ready to scrap and it lacked the personal feel.

Instead, after some thought, I decided to scrap a photo of Madeleine, my step-mother and I. She is one of the best things that has ever happened to my family. She cares so much for my nan (who can be challenging), my brother (even though they do not get along), my father (well of course, she fell in love with him) and me (because we are good friends). She does anything and everything to help make our household run smoothly. She is a confidant and a great friend! She will even let me drag her all over the mall and to about 5 other stores all in one day!

So, without further ado... my layout!

This was a photo taken at Mad and Dad's recent wedding. The photograph was taken by the photographer, Katie Bailey, who is a friend of mine. Funny enough, I think this is the only photo of Mad and I basically alone, although her sister's hand is also in the photo.

Now the nitty, gritty details:

  • Frame your page with an edge of background paper, a doodled/stitched border or a frame!- I cut out the edge around the big blue page and glued it to a plain white background
  • Use at least one stamp/digital brush/rub-on- I love the "family" stamp that I bought at Michael's. It worked really well in this situation as "happy to be" was already on the background paper I selected
  • 3 ribbons/strings- I had issues choosing how to use my ribbon. Finally, I decided to basically hide two blue and one white ribbon behind the flowers. It looks good to me!
  • 6 circles- I was also having a hard time deciding how to use circles. I randomly found this pack of embellishments in white that went really well. There are randomly placed all around the flowers and are 3D so they add some texture.
  • 8 brads or buttons- The brads I knew would be used as flower centers. I have realized that I dont have many brads though while I do have a ton of eyelets. The heart eyelets fit right in.
  • 10 flowers- I made all of my flowers using my Silhouette SD. The white/blue flowers were made using a page that had words about family. Then, I used blue chalk ink to edge the flower.
  • 2 elements that bleed off the page- All three ribbons bleed off of the page. I also have two flowers that bleed as well. The flowers worked out conveniently because one of them didn't cut correctly so I cut out the "bad" part.
  • 4 crocheted or felt accents- I do not own a decent felt embellishment unless it is a snowman. Thus, I left this until last. I had finished the page and then all of a sudden, I realized that there was no felt and it led to an expletive. So, I cut three strips out of a snow man and a little circle near the ribbon at the bottom of the page. My initial goal was to cut circles but those don't cut well from felt.
Overall, I am very happy with this page and hope you like it too!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Color Room: Palette #83- Sun room

So, I decided to scrap some of my father's recent wedding rather than something for my grandparents. I chose to work with Palette #83 from the Color Room as the colour scheme for this palette fit quite well with this photo.

 The Color Room also included this optional sketch which I sort of used a bit.

These photos are of the ring bearer, flower girl and I walking down the aisle. They were so cute. Faith took like two minutes to throw a single petal while Aidan looked so serious through the whole thing. Thus, I was there to keep them on track and walking!

I used this random set of reflective flowers that are really good and my background paper is from creative memories. I was really quick at getting the main orange part done with the photos and then ended up staring at the page for a very long time before being able to throw the rest of it together. I love my Silhouette SD, which is what I used to create the letters and the title background at the top.

Back to scrapping!