Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jenny's Wedding Cake

Hi everyone,

I decided that I should show some other scraps of my creativity, specifically my cakes. Recently, I went to Calgary for my friend Jenny's wedding. She asked me to decorate her wedding cake based on one of my early cakes that I made while taking the Wilton Cake decorating classes. I was very excited for the chance to make her cake. My early cake was the cake below

Here are some of the details...

Thus, Jenny loved the blue roses so I made a modification of this cake for her cake. She wanted the blue roses along with copper leaves to match the colours of her wedding. Her wedding was at Thanksgiving and was located in a restaurant on a beautiful lake in Calgary.

However, because I am in Ontario and it is rather time consuming to make fondant flowers, I made the roses in Ontario and had to transport them to Calgary. It was a bit scary as they were a lot of work and I didn't want to have to make them again; however, everything went well. I opened the roses at Jenny's house, with everyone standing around me. Luckily, there were perfect and they made Jenny's mom cry. It was very cute and such a nice start to the trip.

Without further ado, the cake!

And the details....

The cake went quite well. Everyone loved it.

Hope you enjoy it as well!


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