Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Absolutely, Positively Most Favourite Cake Ever!

So as the title states, this is the post dedicated to my favourite cake ever! There are a few reasons for this...
1. It was made for my baby cousin Aidan's first birthday and he is the cutest little cousin ever (sorry Stephen, you're too old to be that cute now, lol).
2. It is of one of my favourite subjects: sea creatures.
3. It turned out completely awesome.

I started working on the cake a few weeks before Aidan's birthday. I made all of the sea creatures ahead of time and then put it all together with the cake, the night before the party.

Without further ado... here is the cake.

Aidan loves marine life. He has had an aquarium in his bedroom since he was born and also has Nemo and Dora on his walls. So, it only made sense to make him a cake that represented his likes as a 1 year old.

The bottom two layers are made of cake. The biggest layer was a vanilla cake and the top layer of cake was made of chocolate. The octopus head is made of Styrofoam. The birthday hat was made of a mini ice cream cone. All of the cake layers are covered in butter cream and then covered in fondant. I made quite a few sea creatures for this cake including Nemo, Dora, a crab, a sting ray, a few star fish, a few sea horses, a brittle star (back side of the cake), a pink puffer fish, a turtle, a dolphin (back side of the cake) and a killer whale (back side of the cake). One of the things that I learned doing this cake is that it is a great idea to get everything done that you can ahead of time. I work out of town so I only start work on cakes after 7 pm. Sometimes, I am still working at midnight to get all the nitty gritty details completed. This cake however, went surprising well because so much was done ahead of time.

Here are some close ups.

Everything turned out so well. I was very happy.

The other thing that I made was a smash cake since that is what every one year old should have. It was a replica of the main cake. One thing I learned from this though, is that smash cakes should not be made of fondant because kids don't always get that they can go through the fondant to get to the cake and icing :).

Overall, it all went well and the birthday boy enjoyed his cake and had a great birthday!


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