Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My favourite cakes!

Hi everyone,

Hope your week is going well.

I was checking out some photos on my computer and wanted to reminisce about some of the cakes that I have completed to date. These are some of my early cakes.

1. This cake was the first fun cake that I ever decorated. I used plastic clown heads and butter cream icing to decorate this cake.

The clowns were so cute...

2. Another cake that I love is my first fondant cake ever! I made a present out of fondant. This was the first cake during the third Wilton Cake Class. It is a pretty typical cake but it is cute. My co-workers thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was decorating all of these cakes because it meant that they got a break once a week from working to go and eat them!

3. Before I started using fondant, I decided to make a cake for Easter. Although the cake in general was a little scary looking, there was one part of the cake which looked so awesome. It was the carrots coming out of the ground!

4. This is the cake that I made for Devin's Birthday. It is quite fun. Devin loves the Barrie Colts, the Barrie OHL team. For his birthday, a whole bunch of his friends were going to the game with him and they were meeting the Colts before the game.For once, I even got a positive comment from Devin; he liked the cake. For a pre-teen boy, that is a big thing.

Close ups of Devin riding the Zamboni...


5. This cake was made for a friend of a coworker. It was based on the logo for their company, Nani Creations. This cake was memorable because it was the first cake that someone paid me to make!

6. This was a cake that I made for my bowling league. I made a replica bowling alley to celebrate our season!

These are just some of my cakes for now... there are more to come.