Monday, 14 November 2011

The Wedding

Hi everyone,

Recently, my father married an awesome lady. It was a beautiful day for one and all. Of course, I was involved in a large part of planning and creating decorations and paper work. I wanted to share some of the things that I created.

The first thing that I worked on was the invitations, etc. We purchased invites from Michaels by a brand named Brides (R).

 BRIDES® Black and White Premium Invitations, large

They were  very easy to use as there were downloadable templates but I made sure that everything looked awesome when printed and I created a map on the back of the driving instructions as getting to the reception was a bit more convoluted because the wedding was held at a college.

Second, my dad's wife asked me to make favour tags. This turned out to be quite fun and cute. The colour scheme for the wedding was black, white and pale teal. My stepmother also loves the damask theme. So, the tags had to fulfill all of that plus thanking the guests for their attendance. As well, the tags were to be tied to candy filled tulle. Here is a photo:

They looked really awesome all set up on the tables and went along with all the other crazy decorations that her sisters brought to fill the tables.

The third thing that I worked on was the menus. They had a buffet with chicken and steak; pasta salad, Cesar salad and potato salad; as well as seasonal vegetables. So, we wanted the guests to know all their options before they went up to the buffet. Truth be told, the steak was super tasty and the rest of the food was also very well done. I felt that it was the best food that I have had at a wedding.

The next thing that I worked on was the programs. Now, these were very last minute. In fact, I would like to thank friends of the bride;s family, Nadine and Johnny, for their help the Friday before the wedding. They were a great help when I was running out the door on my errands. Here is a photo of the fan spread.

Here is a photo of their layout on the chair. They were paired with the bubbles.

The final thing that I was involved with was the cake. The design was completely done by the bride. She loved the black and white theme and it came out well in the cake. Most of the layers were fake because there weren't enough guests at the wedding to eat all of the cake that would have been required to make a cake this large. I helped with some fondanting, with attaching ribbon to all of the layers and with making some of the black embellishments. Check it out below!

Hope you enjoyed seeing all my hard work. It was a lot of fun!



  1. I love the programs. I wanted to do fan programs too :)

  2. All the wedding projects are lovely, Kelly Congrat's on making your fathers and his new bride's day so wonderful.

  3. The fan programs were actually quite easy. They were time consuming though. My Silhouette came in handy because I got into this pattern where I could pump them out a bit faster.

    Thanks Mary Ann. It was a great day!