Monday, 16 July 2012

MLIA- Part 5: Gull Bay Pow Wow- June 16, 2012

Hi everyone,

Here is another late post. A month ago, I went to a Pow wow in Gull Bay. It was my first real experience into Native culture up here.

The first thing that we did was go over to Jessica's mother's house. Jessica and her children were all dancing in the pow wow and since Armstrong and Gull Bay are about 45 minutes apart, we went over to her mother's house first so that she could get the girl's hair done and her makeup done.

Then, we headed over to the pow wow grounds where they all got dressed in their outfits.

From left: Serena, Jessica, Alya, Marty, Jessica's brother in law (William, her son, decided that he didn't want to be in the photo at that point)
The pow wow grounds are on the shores of Lake Nipigon and it made for a really nice backdrop for all of the photos. Alya was the Gull Bay champion in 2011, so she was considered royalty and got to wear her crown. This was the first time that Jess danced in a very long time.

Once everyone got ready, then they started with the opening ceremonies. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to take photos during the opening ceremonies but I didn't realize this until a lady told me . Everyone dances in during the opening ceremonies and then afterwards, people filter in and out depending on how they "feel" the music and if there are competitive dances.

As you get older, you earn more distinction and are able to add more to your costume. Their are some exceptions though as younger people can have elaborate costumes if they have been passed down from their paternal lineage (which you will see with the Whitesand pow wow to be posted later).

After a while, they got organized and raised the flags. Marty was one of the flag bearers.

The dancing continued...

Jess is always very serious when she is thinking because you are supposed to dance based on how you feel about the music.

Then, I ended up going back to Armstrong with Dayna because I was tired.

Overall, it was a good time!

Hope you enjoy!

Karting 2012- 2SF

Hi everyone,

Long time no post... Here is the latest scrapbook layout that I have completed. It was done with photos that Mad sent up of the weekend that Aidan, Uncle Glen and Donna all went to watch Kevin kart.

I thought the photos of Aidan in the Kart and Aidan and dad looking over their glasses were super cute. I used this layout for two challenges. One was a "Get sporty" challenge and the other was "Man made" both from 2 Scrapbooking friends. It was super fun and I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I saw those two challenges.

I have since made all the gears shiny, which makes the layout look even better but I wanted to get the photos posted by the challenge deadline.

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

MLIA- part 4: the trains

Hi everyone,

Here is part 4 of my life in Armstrong. I decided to write about trains, mainly because I have photos of them right now :).

This train was the shortest train I have ever seen: only 4 cars and an engine. We saw this train in behind the Intercity mall in Thunder Bay. 

The trains are a huge part of life in Northern Ontario; they bring huge numbers of jobs and are so important to cross continent merchant shipping. We were talking with a CN employee a few weeks ago and he said that they often have things that come from Europe that are destined to Russia because it is easier to transport them across Canada than across Asia. 

The trains in Armstrong are very common. There are days where I get caught waiting more than 2 times a day since I have to cross the tracks to go home from work or to town. There are also days where I don't get caught at all though.

This photo was one morning that I watched the train before work. 

Trains in and around Armstrong come at least hourly and the majority of the employment in town is due to CN. They increase the amount of people eating at the restaurants, who stay in the two motels, buy alcohol from the store and their bunkhouse employs local residents who clean and keep it running in tip top shape. 

So overall, they are a good thing for the local economy. 



Thursday, 31 May 2012

Aidan and I- Gingham and Animals!

Hi everyone,

Here is my newest layout. I originally created this layout without any inspiration for a challenge but I succeeded in using it for two!

2 Scrapbooking Friends had a animals challenge.

Moxie Fab World also had a Gingham challenge. Now, if you were like me, I had to figure out what the heck gingham is. Gingham represents all things "country"

This picture of Aidan and I is from Auntie Susan's 50th birthday party this past April 28. I was very happy to have the opportunity to go home and see everyone due to a course with work.

I recently purchased this tree paper and absolutely loved it. So, when I was looking for paper for this page, it fit right in. My last little addition to the page was the birds. I really am in love with birds and owls lately so I even bought two cutting files from Silhouette in order to get some owls and birds and I think that the birds fit really well with this page.

One of the weirdest things about this page were the brown buttons. I didn't have any brown buttons so I took some white ones and ended up colouring them brown. They turned out completely awesome as they look like wood grain.

Hope you all enjoy!


MLIA: Part 3- Our unwanted visitor

Hi everyone,

Welcome back for Part 3 of My Life in Armstrong.

About a month ago Ramsey started asking me if I had seen anything around our well. I hadn't. He said that it was a ground hog and it had a burrow around our well, which isn't the best thing since that is our water source.

So, about a week later, I finally saw our friend. Ramsey was away and when he came back I had to give him the bad news that our friend was still around.

Finally, I was able to peek outside and get a photo of him that I wanted to share with everyone.

He was a bit far away and he scared easily but I did manage to get a photo of him by creeping out the back door, staying FAR away, and slowly moving towards him. He freaked out as soon as this photo was taken.

He seems to have vacated the well now though so there will be no future pictures.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Life in Armstrong- Episode #1- the scenery

Hi everyone,

So, I decided that I would start blogging about my life in Armstrong as everyone is interested and I really need to blog more. I haven't entirely decided what I am going to write about but the first thing that came to mind was the scenery. In general, there are tons of trees and dirt. Who would have guessed that! :). Occasionally however, there are things that really strike me as nice such as the sunset last night. It only lasted for a few moments but in that time, I dried my hands as I was doing dishes from cake decorating, I ran down the hall to my room to grab my camera; ran back down the hall to the door; then around the house towards the road to see the sunset. Literally by the time I got back inside to the sink, the sky was a normal blue colour.

The area that I am living in is one of the best in the Armstrong area. It is on Clearwater Lake and the house I am living on is on the lake. So, every morning, I wake up and come out to the living room and look out the a calm and peacefulness surrounding me. I am quite excited for when it finally gets warm enough to swim in. Granted, since today is only the second day that I have worn shorts up here, it will likely be some time before that happens.

Due to the recent nice weather... there have been more boats and even a few float planes on the water! This plane left from a few doors down. I wanted dad's lenses though so I could get a close up as by the time I ran to my room and got the battery off the charger as it was dead as soon as I took the shots last night and ran back to the living room and out to the deck, it was half way across the lake.

There are a few other pretty places that I know of that are really nice like at "Kab" and Kopka rivers. In one of my next trips down the highway, I will actually stop and take photos so that I can post them.

Stay tuned for episode #2... still deciding what it will be about.


Happy Mother's Day- cake photos

Hi Everyone,

Although I am away from the mother's (mother, step-mother, grandma, nan and step-grandmother) in my life, I was lucky enough to get to make a mother's day cake this year for a wife of one of my co-workers. Thus, now I can share the cake with the mother's in my life without having to eat the entire cake myself, which would not be good for my stomach in the slightest. So, without further ado, the cake!

I finally got to use one of my moulds that I got for Christmas!

I love it!

So, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mother's out there!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Just like a fish

Two posts in one day! Who knew it was possible.

This is all possible because dad showed me how to bridge my playbook and my phone so I am typing on my phone while it writes on the post on my playbook. I am definitely in love. I dislike typing a lot on a touch screen so if I did not have this, I would not be posting.

The second reason that this is all possible is because the simcoe county airport shuttle dropped me off at the airport 2:45 min early. So, after getting food, I had plenty of time to figure out what I wanted to do.

So, onto my second post. This is a layout that I did for a 2sf chase away the winter blues challenge. I found this challenge hard because I was in armstrong and had about 3 summer photos in total and the goals were to use very summery things.

So, I ended up finding a photo from when I was a kid. We had gone over to the Rose's house and they had an i. ground Pool. So, we went swimming. I love swimming and so I believe that I submitted this layout for the "summer thing you love" challenge. I even used stickers that I had forever and didn't even remember that I had. I ripped the paper to make waves (which I hadn't really Done before) and added some ribbon and jewels to make things shine.

The most exciting part of this layout is the "fish" title. It was kraft coloured chipboard before, which isn't very attractive. So, I used a pink ink, which made it look red and then added some silver glitter glue to make it sparkle and it was exactly what I wanted.

Hope you enjoy!


Long time, no post

Hi everyone,

It has been quite some time. Sorry for the delay between posts. It has been more annoying than anything to get to the internet, not that my friend Dayna hasn't been more than accommodating.

So, without further ado, here is a photo of a layout I did a while back. It was for a color challenge, although I clearly did not end up posting it in time.

This is a photo from when Mad, dad and I went to the zoo two years ago. I loved the paper that Tory got my for christmas from bo bunny. So, I finally got to use it. I used my silhouette to cut out the rest of the title and the butterfly and leaves. I then stamped the butterfly to give it  more texture, which I quite liked. It was a bit subtle, but that is what made it work.

Hopefully you enjoy it as well.

There will be more animal layouts to come as I want to scrap many of my photos and only have a few done. I also want to go to the zoo again and abduct Aidan so we can make more photos :).


Friday, 9 March 2012

You are my sunshine... my only sunshine

Hi everyone,

Recently, 2SF had an online crop weekend. Although this time I did not complete all of the challenges, I did complete a few. This challenge I completed involved using a sun in your layout.

I had an issue with the crop because I did not have many photos printed which were from the summer, thus, I had to stretch the rules a bit. I ended up using the photo of Kev, Aidan and I from the wedding, which is super cute.

I love it. It is bright and fun and really fit with the theme of the wedding.

Hope you love it too!


Z is for Zebra

Hi everyone,

Long time no post...

I haven't been scrapping a ton recently as I have been doing other things but I have a few photos to post. The first was a color challenge. At this point in time, with my limited internet access, I am not going to go and find the photo that I based this challenge.

Anyways, I finally got to use some of the crazy animal Bo Bunny brand stuff that Tory got me for Christmas. Here is the first layout. The colour challenge involved two purples, green and black.



Sunday, 5 February 2012

Frosted Designs- Sketch # 11- Happy Birthday Kevin

Hi everyone,

Here is a new card layout that I did. Since it is Kevin and my’s birthdays this week, I made him a card. This is based on a sketch from Frosted Designs.

I am in love with this paper and the green ribbon is my fav. It is the first ribbon that I will actually run out of. I am on the last few spools. I chose the photo of us and Aidan at Mad and Dad’s wedding as it was a great photo and I accidentally printed two of them.  Thus, it was a good use of supplies.

Hope you enjoy!