Sunday, 24 June 2012

MLIA- part 4: the trains

Hi everyone,

Here is part 4 of my life in Armstrong. I decided to write about trains, mainly because I have photos of them right now :).

This train was the shortest train I have ever seen: only 4 cars and an engine. We saw this train in behind the Intercity mall in Thunder Bay. 

The trains are a huge part of life in Northern Ontario; they bring huge numbers of jobs and are so important to cross continent merchant shipping. We were talking with a CN employee a few weeks ago and he said that they often have things that come from Europe that are destined to Russia because it is easier to transport them across Canada than across Asia. 

The trains in Armstrong are very common. There are days where I get caught waiting more than 2 times a day since I have to cross the tracks to go home from work or to town. There are also days where I don't get caught at all though.

This photo was one morning that I watched the train before work. 

Trains in and around Armstrong come at least hourly and the majority of the employment in town is due to CN. They increase the amount of people eating at the restaurants, who stay in the two motels, buy alcohol from the store and their bunkhouse employs local residents who clean and keep it running in tip top shape. 

So overall, they are a good thing for the local economy.