Monday, 16 July 2012

MLIA- Part 5: Gull Bay Pow Wow- June 16, 2012

Hi everyone,

Here is another late post. A month ago, I went to a Pow wow in Gull Bay. It was my first real experience into Native culture up here.

The first thing that we did was go over to Jessica's mother's house. Jessica and her children were all dancing in the pow wow and since Armstrong and Gull Bay are about 45 minutes apart, we went over to her mother's house first so that she could get the girl's hair done and her makeup done.

Then, we headed over to the pow wow grounds where they all got dressed in their outfits.

From left: Serena, Jessica, Alya, Marty, Jessica's brother in law (William, her son, decided that he didn't want to be in the photo at that point)
The pow wow grounds are on the shores of Lake Nipigon and it made for a really nice backdrop for all of the photos. Alya was the Gull Bay champion in 2011, so she was considered royalty and got to wear her crown. This was the first time that Jess danced in a very long time.

Once everyone got ready, then they started with the opening ceremonies. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to take photos during the opening ceremonies but I didn't realize this until a lady told me . Everyone dances in during the opening ceremonies and then afterwards, people filter in and out depending on how they "feel" the music and if there are competitive dances.

As you get older, you earn more distinction and are able to add more to your costume. Their are some exceptions though as younger people can have elaborate costumes if they have been passed down from their paternal lineage (which you will see with the Whitesand pow wow to be posted later).

After a while, they got organized and raised the flags. Marty was one of the flag bearers.

The dancing continued...

Jess is always very serious when she is thinking because you are supposed to dance based on how you feel about the music.

Then, I ended up going back to Armstrong with Dayna because I was tired.

Overall, it was a good time!

Hope you enjoy!

Karting 2012- 2SF

Hi everyone,

Long time no post... Here is the latest scrapbook layout that I have completed. It was done with photos that Mad sent up of the weekend that Aidan, Uncle Glen and Donna all went to watch Kevin kart.

I thought the photos of Aidan in the Kart and Aidan and dad looking over their glasses were super cute. I used this layout for two challenges. One was a "Get sporty" challenge and the other was "Man made" both from 2 Scrapbooking friends. It was super fun and I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I saw those two challenges.

I have since made all the gears shiny, which makes the layout look even better but I wanted to get the photos posted by the challenge deadline.

Hope you enjoy!